Mind, Quantum, and Free Will: The Birth of Physicas in the Sensuous Cosmos, John Hunt Publishing, 2022

Chapter: ‘Alternatives to physicalism’, in Castro, J. & others (Eds.), Time, science and the critique of technological reason: essays in honour of Hermínio Martins, Palgrave Macmillan, 2018

Panpsychism: The Philosophy of the Sensuous Cosmos, John Hunt Publishing, 2011

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Mind, Quantum, and Free Will (2022)

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Alternatives to physicalism (chapter, 2018)

Panpsychism (2011)


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Eliminating the Physical, which appeared in the Oxford Philosophical Society Review 36:23-27 (2014)

A Defence of Speculative Metaphysics, which appeared in the Oxford Philosophical Society Review 33:111-116 (2011)

Introducing a non-physicalist conception of panpsychism, my MA Dissertation, University of Reading (2009)

Astronomy Papers

I co-authored a three-part paper A Simple Automatic Photoelectric Telescope with my late father, Jack Ells. He designed and built this instrument, which could, after a brief set-up, be left overnight to perform brightness measurements of variable stars, by counting photons. In the morning, the data would be analysed, and a light-curve produced. I was responsible for writing the software that drove the telescope, which operated successfully for many years.

There are several reasons for including these papers here. First, as a tribute to my father. Second, to demonstrate my interest in science. Third, it shows that, although my metaphysical position is idealist, it is not one that denies the reality of the contents of the universe. Fourth, as I will argue separately, no digital robotic system can have cognitive powers.

The papers were published in the Journal of the British Astronomical Association in three parts. Here are the relevant links:

Part I: Overview and results

Part II: Hardware

Part III: Software

A video where we discuss this telescope is HERE (external link)

Observations of Jupiter, and of Apollo 12 en route to the Moon, are HERE

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