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May 23-28, 2023: I will be giving a talk, “Pan-idealism: a novel metaphysical position that is consistent both with libertarian free will and contemporary physics“, at The Science of Consciousness conference, to be held, in Sicily, Italy. Full details are HERE

Past events

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In February 2023 I appeared as a guest on two podcasts, which were broadcast in March. Here are the (external) links: First, Everything Imaginable, hosted by Gary Cocciolillo: Second, Destination Unlimited, hosted by Victor Fuhrman

In June 2022 I attended a conference on Russellian Monism at McMaster University, Ontario, Canada. Among the speakers was Galen Strawson. Some information about this conference may be found HERE (external link)

In June 2019 I presented a poster, entitled “A Process GRW Universe Composed Solely of Agents Possessing Free Will, at The Science of Consciousness conference, held in Interlaken, Switzerland. Information about the conference and my poster may be found HERE

(More past events will be added here)

In March 2003, I gave a concurrent talk “Naturalistic, Libertarian Free Will” at the Quantum Mind conference in Tucson, Arizona. A video based on my talk may be found HERE (external link)

Around 1994, before I became interested in the mind-body problem, I was (by unthinking default) a physicalist. I knew that there were unresolved issues in the vicinity of consciousness, but I believed that these would eventually have a scientific solution. Then I read Consciousness Explained (1991) by Daniel Dennett. Its wholesale rejection of phenomenology (i.e., of human experiences, such as a feeling of pain), and its replacement by heterophenomenology (the study of the verbal reports of subjects) was, in my view, the effective denial of mind. But the book made me aware of both the importance, and the extreme difficulties of the mind-body problem.

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