Mind, Quantum, and Free Will: Printed Book Errata

Errata in Printed Book

These are grouped here by importance

You can obtain a copy of the Errata (and the Full Table of Contents) by emailing me – see the Contact tab above. Please specify whether you want these in MS Word or Excel format

Important Errors

These are few

140In the sentence ending:
let w = (w1, w2) = (7+0i, 2-1i).
After the = sign, remove bold from: (w
Ψ(x, y) = ψ1(x) ψ2(y)
Change 1 and 2 To superscripts
Ψ(x, y) = ψ1(x) ψ2(y)
366In the sentence
(It was given this label in Figure 10.1.)
Change Figure 10.1 to Figure 10.2

An Early Error

The following error only appeared in some early review copies of the book. It was corrected before the publication date

352In the sentence beginning
Strictly speaking, protons and electrons are fermionic because each of them is composed of three quarks,
Change electrons To neutrons

Lesser Errors

Including incorrect level of subheadings; minor errors in sentences; and typos

14You fill a glass with from a nearby tap
Delete with
Change Twin’s To Twins’ (in the subheading)
Same change (in the body of the text)
Same change (in the caption to Figure 3.5)
118In the subheading
Remove italics (but keep bold) because this is a level-one subheading
257Change grow be To grow to be
351In the subheading
The concept of macroscopic in GRW
Remove italics (but keep bold) because this is a level-one subheading
369In the sentence
Unfortunately, the underlined phrase is not strictly meaningful in a relativistic context.
Replace the word underlined with the word emphasised

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